oh hi there

Élias INTP 5w6 25 French Canadian pronouns

Just an immersion-breaking modded NPC with unskippable dialog and no quest to give

I draw and write sometimes

don't repost, edit, claim my art as your own, etc.

Current obsessions

  • Minerals (learning+collecting, rocks rock!)

  • MBTI (✔️functions ❌16p)

  • Games modding (spending hours making mods, getting bored, moving on to the next game without even playing)

  • Light Yagami (i would (not) die for him)

Seeking complementary brainwaves

Searching for RP partners!
Any brain owners up for a Lawlight RP? My L is bored to death and needs an intellectual match... 'cause a world without Light is pretty dark

♡ slow burn, enemies to lovers, pining, denial, torment, unresolved tension, soulmate AUs ♡

hmu if you wanna chat and/or brainstorm!

RP info

• Looking for long-term RP buds (ideally 21+)

• Using Discord or Guilded. OOC talk very much welcome! I love chatting, brainstorming, rambling about characters and plot, sharing memes, etc

• Lit/semi-lit, 3rd person, past tense preferred

• MxM. I generally prefer Canon x Canon, but I'm not opposed to OC x OC depending on your character's personality type (I hope you're willing to take a lil test if you dont know shit about the cognitive functions, I promise it's fun lol. Do you value accuracy and stuff that actually makes sense? Time to ditch astrology, welcome to the MBTI side friendo)
My favourite pairs, blue indicating the types I prefer rping as:


Story: I'm all for planning at least a little bit, to know the general direction of the RP and stuff. I like to brainstorm and figure out the characters' dynamics beforehand. The plot can be whatever, as long as their relationship is interesting heh. I have some preferences, but I'm willing to accommodate in that regard

NSFW: I'm not really interested in smut, but it's fine in small doses. It can happen naturally depending on the context/plot. Slow burn is my favourite way to go! I like to let it stew as long as possible, watch the tension build up and the conflicting feelings mess them up real good. I love when things are left unsaid, when the denial is strong and the desires repressed...

Length: Quality over quantity, no filler required. While I tend to get into the details if the inspiration strikes, I don't expect others to match me in any way. I love to read walls of text, but I don't abide by minimum length. imo it's no fun if it feels like an essay lol. Some replies are undoubtedly gonna be shorter, to give our characters the chance to react and all that jazz

Speed: I'm quite busy these days, so you gotta be okay with slow answers. It goes both ways, you could take ages to reply and I wouldn't mind. Real life comes first!
It also takes me extra time to be satisfied with my writing since English isn't my first language, be warned. I greatly appreciate constructive criticism btw, I strive to improve!

Death Note

LxLight: I would love to RP with someone who knows Light's personality well! let me just get this out of the way: he's an ENTJ, don't argue with me (or do, I love a good debate)
I really thirst for more Kira/L shenanigans... I wish the mind games between those two could last forever lol. I'm a big fan of the unresolved tension trope. I have a bunch of ideas for AUs, and simple canon divergence as well. Soulmates, reincarnation, time travel, Light redeeming himself somehow and learning to live with the horrifying things he's done, all that good stuff.

Possible deal-breakers: I follow manga canon. The way I see it, L would never endorse Kira's ideals and switch sides. He might grow to like Light, just not to the point of bending to his will. He could however hire Light as he did with Aiber and Wedy, it isn't much different from having him help with the Kira case after all. It'd take a while to get to that point no doubt, but it's a possibility.
So, don't expect to see L bending over for Kira in any way lol. You might argue that Light/Kira wouldn't bend to anyone either, but I think unbeknownst to him, he wants to be able to let someone else take the wheel occasionally. An equal, someone worthy enough and capable of handling him, the real him. L is perfect for that role. He needs someone that can challenge him. Since Light's used to being in control all the time, it might thrill him to let someone else take charge once in a while, to be the one to submit... provided it's with the right person.

♡ Slow burn, enemies to lovers, soulmates, reincarnation, redemption, pining, denial, closeted, internalised homophobia, sapiophile, chess matches, homoerotic fights, unresolved tension, unspoken, stranded, trapped, accidental contact, undercover, fake/pretend relationship ♡

⊘ Extreme gore/violence, overly detailed and drawn out smut ⊘

If you think we'd click, send me a message detailing what we have in common! Please mention your limits/triggers as well, if any.
Now have a nice day, you hear? Drink water! Take care of yourself!

Side notes

Communication is extremely important, absolutely do not hesitate to let me know if anything is bothering you. I'm impervious to being offended so feel free to speak your mind. My main goal is for everyone to be happy!

I highly value respect and honesty. I dislike hatred of any kind, regardless of the subject. I follow Jesus and I don't believe hostility is the answer. Yes, even towards the most vile people on earth. There's no progress made by being hateful, things are best healed with love. Now you're probably thinking, "but what about ___?" and I get it, but I'd rather concentrate on positivity. We're already in deep enough shit as it is, there's no point going lower. Progress starts with thoughts, and I'm trying to keep mine focused on what's beautiful in life. I know that's easy to say, but just imagine the world we'd live in if we all loved and respected each other... Anyway, I figured I'd write this out just in case. I wish everyone the best, no matter what! God bless ♡♡♡

L L̷̠̜̟̣̜̑͒̇͑̓͂͆̎̽̕͝͠å̵̧̛̳͉̙̣͎̝̱̥̯̙̫̝͂̈́͜ŵ̸̢̛̻̰̞̘̞͇͇͙͍̺ͅl̶͚̼̼̟̰̦̏̈́̆̅͆̇̑̒̓́̚͠ị̵̛̤̫̯͐̏̀̋̐̄̚̚͠e̶̲̻̙̰̭̪͓̝͎̘̤͚͕̭̙̅̃͌͛́t̸͓̙͎̥̼̣̘̠̻̫̲͖͕́͛͂̈͊̇͊̑̂̒̒͛̚͝

Age: 24-25
Height: 179 cm (5' 10½")
Gender: Male, he/they
Orientation: Grey-pansexual demiromantic
Personality: INTP 5w6
Stubborn and competitive. Simultaneously dishonest and unapologetically authentic. Is not above lying and manipulating others if he finds reason to do so. Willing to disregard the law in order to do what he deems necessary to solve a case. Detached and utilitarian. Hires criminals he caught if they can be useful to him. Remains calm in times of crisis. Would rather think rationally than let himself be overcome by emotions, especially in his line of work. Tends to process his feelings alone afterward, in the solitude of his own mind. Because of this, might appear more cold and insensitive than he actually is. Socially awkward, aware of it, doesn't care. 0 teamwork skills.

• Expert on a variety of subjects (criminology, psychology, law, technology...)
• Polyglot (English, Japanese, French, Russian, German). British natural accent, can adopt native accents easily in other languages
• Martial arts (Capoeira)
• Knows his way around a Tennis court
• Capable of pulling multiple all-nighters in a row
• Can tie cherry stems in a knot with his tongue
• Master at making people uncomfortable just by staring at them


Age: unclear
Height: ?
Gender: ambiguous
Orientation: Aegosexual, androromantic, sapioromantic

Personality: Open-minded, curious and inquisitive. Always wants to know the "why" and "how". Can appear argumentative without meaning to because of this. Unassuming, silent, observing. Imaginative daydreamer, spaces out sporadically and forgets their physical surroundings. Easily distracted. Can effortlessly hide what they think and feel but are usually brutally honest. Helps by pointing out inaccuracies because they care about truth and efficiency. Very indecisive, gets stuck in analysis paralysis over the simplest decisions. Second guesses themselves too often. Brilliant but can't find a way to apply it in a substantial or useful way. Waste of intelligence. Simultaneously insecure and confident in their own abilities. Very optimistic despite everything, and has great hopes for [REDACTED]. Will defend their beliefs with a surprising conviction they don't seem to hold for anything else.

Weaknesses: Low physical strength and constitution. Sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. Tends to be suspicious and distrusting of others. Has trouble asking for help, tries to do everything on their own to the point of having a breakdown. Poor people skills. Struggles to understand those that are driven by their emotions. Doesn't know how to react to emotional outbursts, offers rational solutions instead of reassurance.

Skills: Can sketch faces from memory with near perfect accuracy. Is often able to detect lies and tell whether people have good or bad intentions just by looking at their eyes. Stealth, lockpicking. Moves around very quietly, has to deliberately make noise to avoid startling anyone that did not hear/see them enter. Often waits to be noticed before speaking.

Fears: Being useless or incapable, feeling unwanted or rejected by others, losing their intelligence, getting their hands cut off, butterflies and moths
Desires: Being competent and useful, direction, stability, saving every single suffering animal on the planet, helping people, universal peace
Likes: Intelligence, competence, boldness, silence, sunsets, night walks, rain, brisk weather, campfires, cheesecake, cats
Dislikes: Ignorance, incompetence, close-mindedness, having their hobbies ridiculed, small talk, hot temperature, wearing tight clothes, when people are too loud, when people get into their personal space and/or touch them

(none of these are mine)